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Educational Research Institute
The World’s Leading Teacher Education Program Developer

Dear Superintendent:

     Globalization and the Internet are continuing to change and strongly impact all markets, and the education industry is no exception.  As a school superintendent looking to curriculum leadership that develops teachers who are accountable for ensuring students meet high academic standards, you are being faced with new questions and challenges.  To help answer those questions the Educational Research Institute is pleased to bring you a breakthrough  Professional Development Mathematics and Science Support Training Conference, part of the Math 2002 teacher training program, that, for the first time, gives teachers an understandable overview of the advanced math knowledge necessary to close the achievement gap, saving them considerable time and money.

Get First Hand Insight From Those Operating on The Global Forefront

     Leading-edge educational researchers will provide insight on your professional staff’s most pressing questions on mathematics and science curriculum improvement.  Through insightful, interactive discussions, you will get answers to your most pressing questions, including:

! Which methods offer the greatest revenue opportunity?                    
! Identifying potential business partners
! Key considerations in developing an effective math/science program
! What you need to prepare for the coming political changes
! What students and parents look for in analyzing a district school
! Student marketing strategies.  How to reach your target audience - the parents.

          $$    Reduce Professional Development Time and Cost     $$

     With limited information on the global education market currently available, this conference will provide invaluable insight for your Professional Development strategy.  As participants in this insightful, interactive conference Professional Staff will learn:

! Who are the leading global players
! How internationally focused are today’s global players
! Which teaching approaches represent the best marketing strategies
! Which teaching approaches have the greatest potential for upgrading the image of your school

     You will have the opportunity to identify which educational advances warrant further research and which are the best for you.  Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to know where the school industry is going! This is world class Professional Development you can’t get anywhere else!

Summer Conference schedules are limited, so register early to arrange a spot at what will be a knock-out event.  To register, call (904)426-7255 or fax the attached registration form to (904) 428-1581.  We look forward to partnering with you.

                                                  Ruby Pierce
                                                  Representative, Professional Development