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Overview of the Summer Mathematics and Science Conference:

What is the Most Difficult Aspect of Competing in the Education Market?

Changing old ways of thinking
Learning real math is hard work, requiring a total revamping of teachersĎ belief.  
Why does it have to be done?  

Overview of the School Industry Today

Where are the most action oriented schools?
Which educational or administrative improvements offer the greatest opportunity?
How are students inspired and motivated?

Improving Your Educational Product

What are the advantages of upgrading a curriculum presentation?  
Are the global education changes going to affect teaching in the US?  
What does it mean to us if we donít improve our math and science curricula?    
What comprises a good curriculum ?
 How does a teacher begin to change her/his ways to modernize thinking?  
Planning for the future.  
Will you have a job, or will the global competition have your job?

Building A Competitive School

Directing attention to the important marketing principles
Beating the competition
Satisfying the students and their parents
Building parental confidence
Best education practices
Teachers as experts in their fields
Make Teacher evaluations work
Boosting Performance

Countering the Competition with Strategic Partnering:

Why do schools need a partner?
Why the big publishers canít help you
Establishing the supporting part, or underlying structure of a partnership.
Identifying a potential business partner