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The Educational Research Institute

The Educational Research Institute is dedicated to exploring the problems encountered with  high school math/science teaching methods.  From a thorough analysis of the root causes of the difficulties observed, the Institute develops fundamental cutting-edge educational approaches that encourage students to learn by making their own investigations and discoveries.  The mission of the Institute is to  present advanced strategic instructional planning to teachers through the presentation of Professional Development conferences, symposiums and seminars.  We address a broad range of current issues facing government, public and private schools.  The Institute uses a peer-to-peer learning approach designed to cultivate excellence in Professional Development of educators. We are dedicated to the research, development and compilation of the latest innovations and best practices in learning approaches and techniques.  Through the use of comprehensive and intensive research and development techniques we are the leader in the development of programs that promote genuine understanding of mathematics and science and elevate the academic levels of introductory and advanced, challenged and accomplished students alike.