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School Principals Guide to Student
                Math Improvement

As a School Principal you are looked upon for leadership to show and direct teachers how to be accountable for high academic standards.  Today, any School Principal attempting to meet this difficult goal faces new questions and challenges.  To help answer those questions the Educational Research Institute is pleased to bring you a breakthrough  Professional Development Mathematics and Science Support Training Program, part of the Math 2002' teacher training program, that, for the first time, gives teachers and  administrators, an understandable, bare facts, overview of the math knowledge necessary to determine where to  take your students to raise the schools academic levels.  The use of this breakthrough program is intended to save your school considerable time and money.

Why is this Guide Important to School Principals?
This Guide for School Principals is intended to provide Principals with an overview, or broad outline, of math knowledge so they can have a generalized idea of where the math is going.  With this knowledge they are better able to provide the leadership needed to see their math teachers succeed in elevating the State required math standards in the classroom. School Principals who know math are better able to provide the leadership needed to guide their math departments to success.  School Principals Guide to Improving Student Math Achievement shows you the way to a made-simple math tutorial program that gives you overview ideas of College Prep Math presented through story-like accounts in a made-simple, understandable way.   Just as a construction site supervisor who knows the principles underlying the building he is overseeing can guide his crew to doing the job right so, also, can the School Principle who has a broad overview of the common sense, bare facts behind the math the students are being taught can show where to take your students so they can attain academic success.  A good understanding of where the math is going lets you better determine the direction needed to get the students there .
Why do School Principals Use This Guide to Improve Student Math Achievement?

School Principals who understand the math that the teachers are presenting to their students are in an outstanding position to improve student’s academic achievement.  They can easily determine where the difficulty lays when their students aren't achieving the academic levels they should.  School Principals who know math don't have to depend upon their teachers to get the school to elevate their students grades.  School Principals who know math are not in the dark.  School Principals who use the Guide to improve student math achievement understand that knowledge is power!  

What is the Program that allows School Principals and Teachers to Understand the Generic, Bare Facts Concepts of Math Quickly and Easily?

The program title is Math 2002'.  It consists of two parts.  These are:

1.  Algebra Tutor, and
2.  Invitation to Mathematics

Algebra Tutor is a 10-lesson video and book presentation that provides School Principals and Teachers with an overview of generic, bare facts, concepts of algebra in a plain, common sense, way.  Algebra Tutor explains central ideas of algebra, in an easily understood, uncomplicated way.  It explains things that math teachers need to know in order to hold the interest of their students.  Algebra Tutor answers questions like:

What is x?
What is a polynomial?
What is factoring?  
Why do algebraic expressions have to be rational?
Why do I need the commutative, associative and distributive laws of algebra?

and many other algebra and geometrical concepts.

Invitatiton to Mathematics is a 7-lesson video and book presentation that provides School Principals and Teachers with an overview of generic, bare facts, concepts of college Prep Math.   Invitatiton to Mathematics explains, in an easily understood, uncomplicated way, things that math teachers need to know in order to hold the interest of their college prep students.  Invitatiton to Mathematics answers questions like:

Why do we study math?  
What is the suggested way to learn math?
What mathematical subject will help me understanding college math most?
What are the trigonometric identities really all about?
What is the fundamental idea behind calculus?
How do I perform the basic calculus operations?

and many other college prep math concepts students hunger to understand.

Invitation to Mathematics is a state-of-the-art educational overview program that extracts the simple, common sense, ideas out of the other complicated college prep math programs and explains the basic, central,  generic, or inherited concepts to you in a plain, easily understood, uncomplicated, bare facts way.  Invitation to Mathematics does not use “time wasting” problems to keep college prep students busy.  Only enough problems are solved to bring forth the basic ides behind the concepts concepts enunciated.  Thus, for the first time, you will be able to attain an outstanding knowledge of mathematics without having to attend a time consuming, demanding college math course.  

School Principals use Invitation to Mathematics because it directs them to a made-simple way to get a superior math background which provides them with the necessary knowledge to show teachers the way to help students elevate their math academic levels.  Through the use of the most advanced developments in professional education programs School Principals are able determine the direction to take to get teachers to improve their explanations of underlying mathematics concepts.

Invitation to Mathematics explains math in a made-simple way.  It is guaranteed to provide you with a clean, authoritative explanations of college prep math.  This permits the School Principal to actually follow the progress of the student's understanding of math in the classroom.  It permits the School Principal to know what the student is supposed to learn, how it is to be presented in class, and how well the students are actually understanding and learning the math lessons.  As a direct consequence of this, it turns  the control of the math learning to the School Principal and out of the hands of the teachers whom the Principal has essentially no classroom control.  Thus, the School Principal is able to direct the action of where to take the students.

With Invitation to Mathematics the School Principal is, for the first time, given the control and ability to actually lift the academic level of the students in her/his math classes and. Therefore, to  elevate the rank, standing, of her/his school.  A School Principal who does not understand math is like a construction site manager who doesn't understand how a bullding is put together.  The construction site manager is not able to make good inferences and decisions about problems developing at the site.  In the same manner a School Principal who doesn't know the broad ideas underlying math is not able to help her/his school keep up the high ranking in the state tests.  

Because Invitation to Mathematics explains math concepts through the use of story-like accounts that explain the reasoning behind the math being studied. Invitation to Mathematics can increase any School Principal's and Teacher's understanding of math without the fuss of enrolling in a college math program!

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