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What You Will Learn From This Tutorial
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What You Will Learn

This tutorial explains home school, high school, adult and continuing education math for readers who want an explanation without being bogged down with a lot of complicated problems.  This tutorial is intended to help students elevate their grades and be accepted into college.  Students will:

   Discover the real reason why people study math?
   Find out why they need math.
   Read about the one subject they can learn Now that will give them an understanding of the central ideas behind most of their college and graduate school math courses.
   Find out what a mathematical representation really is.
   See what the commutative law has to do with the word. "commute" Find out what the associative law "associates."
   Discover how the distributive law is used to change the "form" of an algebraic expression.

This presentation is intended to be an understandable explanation of concepts and ideas encountered in high school math courses for the purpose of providing students with a clear view of the background knowledge needed to better understand the work in their regular school books.  This is not a problem solving tutorial of the kind that causes so much grief to students.  This tutorial is designed to help students learn the facts needed to understand the problems in high school algebra books better.  It is an overview presentation of some background ideas of algebra, trigonometry and calculus and other basic mathematics.