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About Invitation to Mathematics
Math for School Principals

Get master teacher presentations, big, ivory tower school learning when you use the Educational Research Institute's, new,  Invitation to Mathematics, specially designed algebra and college math prep program.

Invitation to Mathematics is designed to show School Principals that underachieving college preparatory students can improve their understanding of algebra and other math - and it provides the ways to direct the learning.

Invitation to Mathematics features are:

helps college math preparatory students by explaining the underlying math ideas and does not obscure (conceal or make unclear) background ideas

assists college prep students in improving their mathematics academic levels

presents fundamental topics college math preparatory explanations needed for a good understanding of algebra

does not use “time wasting” problems to keep college prep students busy

explains hard topics early in “made-simple” form so students subsequent progress is not blocked

eliminates poorly focused presentations

explains concepts through story-like accounts that explain the reasoning behind the math being studied

explains math through understanding of the ideas involved and not depend on students memorizing facts

Because of its advanced teaching approaches and methods, Invitation to Mathematics is considered by many to be a college preparatory math course of the future

Welcome to Invitation to Mathematics!

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